Eposeal Black

Electrophoretic Paint


Originally designed for the automotive industry,Electrophoretic Painting is resistant to petrol, diesel, clutch fluid and brake fluid. Its resistance to creep corrosion when chipped was a revolution in car component finishing. EP is now of significant importance to other industries who require a cost effective corrosion resistant black finish. Customers include automotive, mining, railway, garage equipment, aids for disabled, seat belts and hinges, optical equipment, steam amd metering but to name a few.

Eposeal Colours

Eposeal Colour

After several years of research and development by our technical manager, Mr Mike Ilott. TWB Finishing Ltd, with great pleasure, can announce our New brand of EPOSEAL™ Colours are now released.


Zinc / Zinc Alloy Plating

There are various forms of Electroplating including Zinc Plating, Zinc Nickel Plating, Zinc Cobalt Plating, Rack Zinc Plating, Barrell Zinc Plating, Anodising and our new Eposeal Colour Processes.


Rack Plating

Other Services

We provide various chemical and mechanical processes including Hex free treatments, shot blasting, chromating and degreasing, with boxing & labelling to customer's requirements.


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